Episode 36 – Six exercises that will give you the summer arms you’re looking for


I know, it’s summertime!


Summertime is the season for singlets, short sleeve shirts and of course, some good looking, strong arms to go with your clothes. I feel you! Every time you’re near buff friends – their “guns” are blazing and looking good – why not you too!


I bet you’re glad you found this article!


After you read this quick blog article, you’ll be equipped and ready to train your arms and have everyone at the beach, block party and nightclub longing for “cannons” like yours! Let’s get your arms bigger, toned and sculpted now with these six exercises that will give you the summer arms you’re looking for!


Arms 101

In the simplest sense – arms are made of two main muscle groups – the triceps and the biceps.

First and foremost, the biceps are at the front of the arm and the triceps are at the back of the arm. While it’s common to think of getting big arms through training the biceps, the biggest potential for bigger, toned and more sculpted arms is actually in the triceps. 

Below you’ll discover six exercises that will give you the summer arms you’re looking for focusing more on the triceps.

But before that, let’s check off two key bicep exercises to get those growing in the right direction!


Build your biceps


1.Bench dumbbell bicep curls

Bench dumbbell bicep curls use dumbbells to create the ideal resistance for your arms.


How to do it?

Simply lay on a bench with dumbbells in each hand. Next begin to curl your arms towards your front shoulder with palms facing up. Try to keep strict form. The beauty of dumbbell bicep curls is you can focus on each arm individually to ensure symmetrical growth, tone and shape in your arms.

Dumbbell bench biceps

2.Cable bicep curls

This is one of the secrets to effective bicep training. Cable bicep curls will give you consistent bicep resistance for bigger, toned and more sculpted biceps. While, they might take a few more seconds to setup, they are well worth the wait!


How to do it?

Stand facing the cable machine, pick up the handles and then raise the handles towards the front shoulders. Don’t stop there though, slowly lower the handles back to the starting position again. And I mean SLOWLY.  Feel it working yeah!?


For an added challenge, try these cable lunge bicep curls!

Cable lunge bicep curls

Terrific Triceps



Also called the “upperbody squat,” dips will get your arms strong and sculpted!

The bonus of dips is that they also include chest and shoulders into the movement pattern as well. A must do exercise for arms!


How to do it?

Start off with your hands comfy and equidistance apart on the parallel bars (or bench). Before you begin, start position with your arms straight, chest proud and posture symmetrical. Once you’re ready, lower yourself towards the ground as far as possible within comfort and without losing good posture.

Then finally return back up to the start. If that seems too hard, try the regression of the exercise – bench dips – to build up your strength. Once you’re ready, work your way up to dips.


What are two more arm exercises that will give you the summer arms you’re looking for? Read on below.

Dips - weighted



4.Medicine ball tricep push ups

Medicine ball tricep push ups are similar to normal push ups but the arms are positioned directly under the heart. These push ups will allow you tone and shape your arms while building strength – not just in the arms but in the abs and core as well!


How to do it?

To perform medicine ball tricep push ups simply form a “diamond” shape with your thumb and index fingers on the medicine and then place the rest of your weight on the palms of your hands. Then pop onto “all fours” (toes and hands). Begin to lower yourself towards the ground like a normal push up.  Once you feel the triceps working start to push up again to the starting position. 

If you need an easier version, simply drop to your knees then give it a try from there.

Medicine Ball diamond push ups

5.Dumbbell skullcrushers

Although a scary name, when performed correctly, dumbbell skullcrushers will grow, shape and tone your arms like you’re always wanted them.


How to do it?

To perform skull crushers, lie down on a flat bench and then raise dumbbells in both arms straight above you. While keeping your elbows locked in tight symmetrically above you, start to lower the dumbbells back down to about 90 degrees (or perpendicular) to the bench (meaning the dumbbells will be near your face – hence the name skull crushers).

Then begin to extend the dumbbells in each hand towards the sky to the starting position again.


Tip: focus on keeping the elbows still and your grip on the dumbbells must be quite firm.

Dumbbell skullcrushers

6.Cable straight bar tricep pushdown

There’s few exercises that focus on sculpting the arms than the cable straight bar tricep pushdown.


How to do it?

To perform this exercise, stand facing the cable machine and place both hands (palms down) on the handle. Next, keep good posture, elbows locked in tight near the ribs and push down on the bar.

Once at the bottom continue to keep your chest proud and then slowly allow the bar to raise up again. Your triceps should be on fire!


Build your arms!

It’s time to build your arms! Arm training is easy once you have the right exercises in your program. While biceps training is a must, focusing on triceps will give you amazing arm size, shape and tone – AND just in time for summer!


Start with these six exercises that will give you the summer arms you’re looking for today!

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Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, Elite Performance Manager for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator. Chris Everingham combines more than 10 years of experience and education together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.


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