Episode 78 – I’m Flat-footed. What should I do?


You’ve been doing leg exercises and it has been difficult. Not only are you wobbly, can’t keep your balance. What about your feet? They’ve been aching since day one! I know what you’re thinking, “I’m flat-footed what should I do?”


After a visit to your local podiatrist, they say you are flatfooted! Damn, what’s this all about?


Well, foot muscles can be unfit as well.


Flat foot or overpronation is the depression of the medial arch of your foot. In other words, the inside of your foot is supposed to be off the ground when your foot is on the ground – but it isn’t!


There are two types of overpronation:

  • Flexible flat foot – where the arch is visible when you lift your foot off the ground.
  • Rigid flat foot – is simply flat no matter what.


While most of the time flat feet won’t cause an “out of this world” problem, it’s important to know you can improve your foot situation. Here’s the chance to make amends for your feet.


Flatfoot exercises for feet fitness


1. Stretch Calf and Foot muscles

It’s important to stretch and release your foot and its surrounding muscles. This will help to loosen up any muscles that may be tight or inhibiting proper activation. Hold these stretches for as long as comfortable and build up over time.


Three good stretches to try are:


Simply roll out your foot muscles and fascia on a foot roller until they feel loose. Tennis balls, softballs and bottles are also suitable.


  • Calf stretches

Calf stretches can be performed by placing your foot against a wall, and leaning into it from the hips. Keep the leg straight.


  • Tibias anterior stretches

Tibias anterior stretches can be performed by moving into a “seiza” sitting position. Simply sit down on the floor butt muscles resting on ankles and knees together.



“Help! i’m flat-footed, what should I do?” Never fear, there are 3 other steps to help with flatfeet. Read on below.

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