Step 6: Are you ready? - Chris Everingham

I hope you’ve been following along with ease and you’ve found these 6 Steps useful, yeah?!

Firstly, I want to thank you for staying with me through this course. You’re truly a rare individual who sticks with a commitment they’ve made. And now it’s time to graduate! Take your health & fitness transformation to the next level:

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The fact that you’re still participating in this online course makes me feel like you’re the kind of person I would love to get to know, because I too gave the same level of dedication to my health & fitness!

You see,

Back in 2012, I was cut from the national team because I was overweight, unfit and unlucky but I didn’t accept the fate I was given. Instead, I made my own future using the principles of the First Five Fitness Program (and these 6 steps)…

…I made my comeback despite criticism, public pressure and expectations – yes, against the odds – I succeeded!

So yes… for you, it could all stop here, as a wish, as a desire.

Unless…. You take action now!

You see that’s the difference between the average person and winners. Winners take action – they take risks and go for what they want.

You getting what I’m saying, yeah?

I know you want to transform your health & fitness – and get rid of that excess fat – and get your #bodygoals!

Now’s the time to make the jumpstart!

Don’t regret it.

I’ll see you soon, yeah!


Oh yes that’s right, Step 6: Are you ready?

Here’s a quick story about how I made a jumpstart!

Step 6: Are you ready?

“How many people are out there?” I asked

“More than 10,000 people Chris! Are you ready?!” replied the stage manager.

“Holy moly! That’s massive!” (I lied, I actually said, something else)

I was pacing around the back stage of the biggest fun run party in Manila, Philippines I was nervous but excited. Unsure about how it would go but keen to get started.

The hosts of the event asked the crowd of 10,000+ people, “ARE… YOU…. READY?” and they all screamed back, YEAAAHHH!”

It was a roar that energized me! I was ready to go!

I ran onto the stage in front of 10,000 people and let them know I was there!

“Color Manila we have over 10,000 people… MAKE SOME NOISE!!!”

The rest is history!


Ironically, I wasn’t feeling like that a few hours ago. You see I was sick as a dog for about 5 days beforehand and I had almost lost my voice in the leadup as well.

But it was game day!

At 330am, the alarm went off and I walked to the bathroom to get ready for my gig as a warm up guy come hype man for Color Manila.

I looked in the mirror and said, “Are you ready Chris? Should I pull out and say I’m sick and can’t do it?”

“Narh, I can’t, I wanted this! I mean, I want this!”

About 10 minutes later my assistant arrived to support me in my preparations.

I quickly dressed up, organized my bag and hit the road with my assistant to the main stage!

“Ok, Chris you’re on stage in 2 minutes. When the host calls you over the speakers, you run on okay!”

The rest is history (Well, it’s on youtube so you can watch it if you want! – press play)


But, the question is, Are you ready?

Activity 6:

This activity is the final checkpoint before getting started.

While it’ll feel like you’re on stage in front of thousands of people watching, don’t worry about it. The main thing is to focus on you and then make it happen step by step. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Once you begin, you’ll slip straight into it and…well the rest will be history!

Are you ready to tell yourself, “welcome to your new life?”

Key questions:

If you can honestly answer these three questions with a yes, then you’re ready to leave your old body and old life behind and step forward to a new way of living!

Ok, the questions are:

18. Are you ready to go?
19. Are you ready to take on the responsibility necessary for your success?
20. Are you ready to commit to your transformation?

If you can answer yes, it’s go time!

Oh, one more question,

21. do you need some assistance?

If you said yes, graduate to the First Five Fitness Program here

We have everything you need to succeed at the next level and there’s also the First Five Fitness Program Online Community to support you along the way as well!

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