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If you’ve made it this far you, congratulations you have collected, organized and planned out 80% of what you need.

Don’t get disheartened; the rest will present itself once you’re on the journey!

The final 20%

The final 20% is about being present in the “moment,” enjoying the process, “being”, “doing,” “getting involved,” …aka living it! (you’ll later describe it as, “living the dream!”)

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate my point:

I’ve played rugby for about 20+ years. Eight of those years I was an International athlete for the Philippine Volcanoes particularly in rugby 7s. It’s a fast sport built around unforgiving fitness levels and more space on the field than there is space between stars in space! Throw in Asian speed and agility and you’ve got a recipe for an exciting sport!

Anyway, our team would spend months down at training camp practicing moves, plays and team structure over and over again. Before each tournament on the Asian circuit, hundreds of hours were dedicated to what I’ll call the first 80%.

Then, came tournament weekend.

While our team would try to stick to the team structure as the basis of our huddle discussions this would often “go out the window” when on the field.

Not overthinking it and “playing what’s in front of you” works!

You see, things can change in an instant and we need to be ready to adapt. We need to be present minded for the final 20%. This final 20% is where you truly get to live!

Where’s this leave you?

It leaves you to “be.”

So, be yourself!

Keep referring to the notes you’ve made here in the 6 Step Transformation Success Guide for weight loss. Daily if possible. But remember to let it all go when you’re “on the field.”

You’ll know what to do when you’re in the moment to get to your team to score! It’s your game to win!

Yours in Fitness,


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