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Chris Everingham became a qualified teacher in Australia so he could learn more effective ways to coach, lead and inspire his clients to better health and fitness. Naturally, this opened doors to facilitate corporate group workshops and fitness courses in the areas of his strengths: holistic health and fitness, peak performance and team building.

These workshops and fitness courses are:

  • Maximize your Metabolism

Chris lives and breathes health & fitness.

Maximize your Metabolism is a workshop designed specifically to deliver simple, practical and useful health & fitness tips. This fun, interactive and impactful workshop experience covers topics such as stress, sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

Chris focuses on hands-on activities as well as simple metaphors and stories to communicate the complexities of human function into easy-to-understand concepts for quick and effective results.

  • Stomp on Stress

While stress can be beneficial, too much is never good!

Stomp on Stress is a workshop designed to remove destructive stress from your life. It starts with awareness activities and skill building to consciously lower your stress levels instantly! Chris delivers his interactive, simple-to-apply and life improving workshop to give control back to your audience.

  • Team Talk

Teambuilding is second nature to Chris.

Chris draws experience from over 20 years in team sports – including 8 years as an international athlete, former MVP and captain – to unite and lead!  Chris will leave your group bigger, better and stronger than ever by discovering the leader in all of us, unlocking your team strengths, and highlighting some unique mind hacks to bring your team closer together in a shorter amount of time.

  • Peak Performance

Be your best!

Peak Performance is a workshop designed to take your ability to a whole new level! Chris delivers straightforward techniques to optimise your current talents for consistency and endurance. He will also highlight ways to access your peak performance instantly!

To watch Chris Everingham perform in his workshops and fitness courses, press play on any of the videos below.

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Contact Center Association of the Philippines keynote

“When you get Chris, expect him to be a professional.

He comes very early and well prepared with his speaker kit. He gets his audience to participate with his curated presentation materials, life testimonials and demos. His expert knowledge, certifications and chosen lifestyle makes him a very good and credible resource person on topics that he is very enthusiastic about – diet and nutrition, fitness, and motivation…

He walks the talk and practices what he preaches, enough to inspire you and motivate you to take action – to be fitter, well and healthier.

He puts value into personal and professional relationships, remembering not just your name and face but your personal story and can make a difference in your life.”
– Jinky R. Recto – Manager, Marketing – Intellicare (on behalf of CCAP)

Peak Performance Workshop

Maximize Your Metabolism Workshop

Stomp on Stress Workshop

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    Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

    Hi, I’m Chris Everingham.

    I’m sharing the holistic performance secrets that I both personally used to overcome racial scrutiny, escape poverty and depression, AND taught others so that they too could bring proven success and happiness into their lives.

    Learn more about my time competing in international sports, in front of media and speaking with live audiences of thousands of people to discover my high performance secrets. Click here to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.