Step 5: How will you create and maintain energy for the journey? - Chris Everingham

Step 5: How will you create and maintain energy for the journey?

“It’s easy, just take this pill!” someone had yelled out from the back of my workshop.

“Excuse me?” I replied.

“I take this pill and I’m energetic for my whole workout! It’s the latest in science technology.”

“Haha, really?!”

I often do workshops and keynote speaking around the topic of Peak Performance. It’s one of my popular courses.

At this particular Peak Performance course, a young and enthusiastic man yelled out that his secret to maintaining energy during a workout was a preworkout supplement.

Now, some work quite well due to the stimulants and / or patented “micronutrient” compounds inside but they are short-term “bandaids” to those untrained in peak performance habits.

The real secret to creating and maintaining energy is to do this:

Get rid of unneeded habits in your life!

We waste countless hours and untold amounts of energy doing things that don’t serve us!

You know what else many of my students do?

They don’t cultivate and nurture their confidence states through power poses and effective confidence building activities such as celebrating small, regular wins and hanging out with confident people!

They don’t align with likeminded people in a community (birds of a feather, flock together!) but rather hold onto the “negatives and naggers” in their life.

Many don’t look after their body, mind and spirit as well. How can you endure without looking after your “vehicle?!”

But you’re not like that are you? You’re different, right!

Activity 5:

It’s time to work out how you can create and maintain your energy for the journey. The first question is about removing habits and behaviours that consume our vital energy. You see, we only have so much energy per day (and only so much time) so it’s time to cut the energy budget from those useless habits and reallocate it to behaviours that will benefit the “future you” (you’ll definitely thank yourself later!)

Here’s to the future you!

Work on these questions and then I’ll see you in step 6: Are you ready? where we’ll go through a final checklist before you get started!

Key questions:

15. What are you currently doing that you need to stop in order to create space for your new transformation?
16. How will you gather and keep your physical stamina for the journey?
17. How will you maintain your confidence during the journey?

Step 4: How will you get there?
Step 6: Are you ready?
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