Step 1: What’s your story? - Chris Everingham

Step 1: What’s your story?

Boy was I wrong when I skipped this step!

I remember when I started out as a health professional. I’d skip this step because I assumed everyone was future orientated – meaning they only thought about the future (as opposed to thinking about the past, and / or present). This only irritated my clients and patients.

You see this is where your cultural influences, beliefs and background are understood. It’s also a testament of past habits and choices as well. It’ll also give you a moment to understand why you’ve done what you’ve done, what “rules” you play(ed) by and what experience you have collected so far.

Now don’t get super analytical here!

This step is about understanding what you’ve done in the past and what you’re good at. It’ll also give you time to identify and comprehend the nature of your problem so you can work to overcome it!

The reason we do this step is get on the same level and be conscious of what’s been happening up until now.

Activity 1:

Here’s some questions that will begin to unlock Step 1: What’s your story?

Complete with as much key detail as possible but keep it to bullet points. 3-5 bullet points maximum to start (we can add to this later).

Note: it’s important to detach any emotional response to “who you are” and take it for what it is. Feel free to discuss this with a few people to gain external perspective as well. Remember to be open.

Once you’ve finished with these three key questions I’ll see you in Step 2: Where are you going? which will help you to determine your direction. Don’t take too long!

Key questions:

  1. What’s your key story?
  2. What are your key strengths?
  3. So, what seems to be the problem?
Step 2: Where are you going?
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