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My First Time

I remember being on my first practical internship in a community hospital in Sydney, Australia.

I was in front of a patient (let’s call her Mary) who had returned from surgery a few days prior. Mary was in need of some dietary advice to help her recover faster as she had broken her neck of femur (hip bone joint) and needed to get back on her feet as soon as possible.

After going through Mary’s medical notes, we spoke about her dietary needs and current medical condition. We discussed, revised and negotiated a personal plan for her. Finally, after our consultation I was successful in helping Mary to improve her diet in a nutritionally sound way. I felt good about how I’d helped her and she did too. Before we parted ways, I gave Mary a plan to follow so that she could grow healthy again when she left the hospital and returned home.

My mentor who was there observing was also delighted that I finally made a difference in someone’s life and from that day forward I made the leap from being just an “intern” into being a health professional. It was the first time I was successfully able to make a difference in someone’s life in a real world setting.

Fast forward to today and I’m happy to say that I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their lives much like I did with Mary. Although I’ve spent more time in the health and fitness industry and with sporting teams – the feeling I get is still the same as I did in that hospital room with Mary. I’ve helped people lose weight, get stronger and fitter; I’ve even helped national athletes become international athletes and more recently, international teams become championship winning teams! It’s been an amazing journey and I want to continue to help more people transform their lives.

My Priority

My priority has been to help people transform their lives.

To keep my personal touch – in the busy life I live – I’m only able to take on a handful of clients at a time. I want to focus on giving a select group of individuals my utmost attention with a personalised coaching experience.

I wish I could accept all inquiries, but I want to make sure those I’m working with are taken care of to the best of my ability.

After you complete my “hire a coach” application process below, I’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours. We’ll have a brief discussion together and then we will start our journey together via online coaching or, I will point you in the right direction to start your health and fitness path with a few options to choose from.

Please read the details below for more information.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Application Process

The following steps outline my “hire a coach” process:

  1. Click the “Apply Now” button below.
  2. Complete the Application questions and then press “Submit”.
  3. I will read each application and decide if we can work together.
  4. After successful selection of your application, I’ll be in contact with you via email and we will discuss the finer details such as, time schedules and other personal details that might be left out of the application.
  5. After the admin is out of the way we will begin working on your personalised health & fitness journey together.
  6. All communications will be via email and possibly video call. We will be working together on a regular basis to ensure personal success. After 12 years of transforming others lives, I’m confident we will achieve your goals.

If you’re not successful – yet.

If you’re not selected at this point in time, you’ll either be:

  • On a waiting list or,
  • I’ll refer you to one of the Elite Coaches in my hire a coach program that will guide you towards your health & fitness goals.

Note: Over the past 5-10 years, I have personally worked with and am continually in contact with my Elite Coaches. I believe they reflect the personality, skills and values I do and I’m confident they can help you as good as I can.

  • I recommend you to another service that may be your optimal starting point.

Note: this is purely for you – I believe in working to my strengths and within my ability and if your case is beyond my capability, I want you to know I will send you in the right direction so you can make a start.

For example, if your case is too difficult and requires a more specialised health professional you will be referred on to the appropriate specialist – eg. an individual with cystic fibrosis.

Let’s Begin!

With that being said, let’s begin. I’m excited to help you transform. Click the “Apply Now” button below. I’ll chat to you soon.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Hi, I’m Chris Everingham.

I’m sharing the holistic performance secrets that I both personally used to overcome racial scrutiny, escape poverty and depression, AND taught others so that they too could bring proven success and happiness into their lives.

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