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3 August 2018


Who is Chris Everingham? Who am I?


First off, welcome to my website! Thanks for coming here and spending some time with me.

After building this website (which started around Oct 2014) I revisited my first blog (this one) and I realised that I had yet to say who I am. I mean, yes I have my official profile / bio up and posted. I even have my portfolio, core services and even testimonials to give you an idea of how people have interacted with me. But I never explicitly wrote who I am / was – which is profound.

Maybe it was an oversight, or maybe I didn’t know who I was, or perhaps I was afraid to express myself publically (I think it was a combination of them all).

Anyway, this newfound awareness prompted me to sit down and think about my life’s stories and values so I can share them here in my blog (if not now, in future blogs).

I encourage you to stick around for the journey.

So here goes, this is my answer to, “who is Chris Everingham?”


Thinking back to the time I started this website:

I was a 29 year old guy in a long-term relationship with my ex-girlfriend. I was also an international rugby player at my peak and public figure. I was regularly training and talking about health, fitness, mindset and stress in workshops, keynotes and during media launches for the Philippine Volcanoes. Whenever I would be in the public, I’d always get asked about health and fitness tips or even general life advice. It got to a point where I couldn’t keep up with answering all the questions so I decided to record my thoughts somewhere so that others could experience what I had to say – even if I couldn’t meet them in person or individually address them (there’s not enough time in the world).


Finally, I organized myself, formalized my mission and vision. I got to work and here we are (the work part took a few years.. haha)


Anyway, let’s discuss who I am.


Who am I today?


I think a Q&A format might help here:


Who am I?

I’m a 33 year old single guy, who still enjoys being active, getting out in the world and experiencing new things – places, people and interacting with it all.


What’s my motto or mantra?

I have a saying, “How good’s living?!” When you think about it, it really is incredible! It’s awesome!

The other one is, you really can do anything you put your mind to – it’s like we’re in this ultimate video game.


Do I like cooking?

I enjoy cooking food – it’s fun, it’s creative, it’s relaxing, it’s healthy (if not for the body, then for the heart and soul)


What foods do I like?

Healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate, fish and chips, burgers and pizza. But nothing beats feeling good after a healthy meal! Fruits are probably my favourite! Blueberries, raspberries! How good!?


What else do I like?

Listening to a good story, having a laugh and even playing a few pranks here and there – I think it’s important to have fun in what I do and try to grow every day, in every way.


What are my thoughts on music?

I love music – house, funk, rock, disco, hip hop – anything that comes from the heart and expressed with authenticity. I think this also extends into the other parts of my life – I believe in integrity, being genuine and pursuing the truth.


Single ready to mingle? or taken?

Yeah single. if there’s a woman out there you know and we have that chemistry and vibe together (and she’s hot) then introduce me please – (haha..if you don’t ask you’ll never know)


What’s my type?

I think we’ve gotta be similar in many ways (or at least in life direction), but different enough to keep it interesting.


What’s better, being a public figure or being anonymous?

I enjoy being at the centre of attention (think karaoke styles) but I also like being alone (and unknown) – I think there’s a balance to be had there and that goes for a lot of things in life. These days with social media I think a lot of people have got it wrong. It’s never been about the “likes” or fame or celebrity. I can tell you now Jim Carrey had it right when he wished everyone could be rich and famous, because then they’d know there are more important things to be working towards.


What’s my work ethic?

I believe in working hard (and yes smart), giving the task everything you have – particularly if you love it. I don’t think there’s much else to life than that – giving it all you got.


How do I keep myself sharp?

I like to think, read and discuss – it’s important to continually stimulate the mind – just like exercising in a gym helps the body. I’ve recently looked at bigger picture works such as philosophy, spirituality (non-religious) and life’s evolution itself – it’s a rabbit hole… haha but I guess everyone goes there at some point in their life.


I travel a lot, would I like to travel more?

I’d like to travel more (still haven’t been to Europe or Africa) I think writing this will inspire me to go one day or more practically put, to schedule it into my calendar. I went to North America this year. I think South America has a lot to offer and I can’t wait to check that out.


What’s keeping me busy these days?

As far as what I do – I’m doing what I love and enjoy every moment of it – I currently “rent” a position to influence the shape of health and fitness (and sports to an extent) – sport has given me a great platform to contribute to society and I am thankful for that opportunity.

I also have a mini travel show that I host called #RollingStories. First time in my life I’ve had the chance to lead role in a performance. Awesome experience to meet and work with so many talented people. Check it out here #RollingStories.


What are my other interests?

I’m fascinated by the internet and social platforms – we have an amazing tool in front of us and no-one is using it properly yet. I love to communicate in all forms and formats – I struggled with it when I was younger – being a third culture kid and all – but I think I’ve overcome it by embracing the challenge of it – these days it’s a must, so I’m glad I pushed through all those English class lessons in high school and all those lonely days videotaping myself “public speak” and then painfully reviewing my performances – hey even publically posting stuff on social media platforms has helped. I could go on.


What about the beach?

I thought you’d never ask. I love the beach! Swimming, kitesurfing, super soaker water guns, summertime, surfing, suntans.


What about winter?

Well, you can’t go past snowboarding and snowball fights… haha


Any final words?

There was a book I read that had a phrase the author would say to his children as they left the house, “Go make some memories!”

I love this. It made me think about my parent’s soundbites.

The fondest ones I could remember were these:


  1. When I was young, living at home and I’d tell mum I was going out of the house, she would always say, “ok Chris, have fun!”

2. Whenever I’d say the same thing to dad, he would say in his Aussie accent, “Ok son, look after yourself and I’ll catch you in a bit.”


I’d like to think there’s a lot of wisdom in both those soundbites.



I hope that gives you an idea of who I am and answers the question, “Who is Chris Everingham?”. Thanks for stopping by.

I’d love to hear from you!

That’s probably the best thing I can imagine. If this website helps you, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you and see how you’ve progressed along. Feel free to post up transformation photos and share your story. Again, this is really to start a conversation to make the world fitter!


Let me know how I’m driving this blog!

Please let me know your thoughts, opinions, views, beliefs. I’d appreciate constructive, well thought out comments that are about the work.


Who’s this Blog for?

This blog was written for whose who want to start out in health and fitness, looking to progress a little further but don’t quite know and even advanced trainers and athletes. It’s not written for those with medical conditions, serious injuries, or extreme circumstances beyond the average person.



The most important thing to do with all of the information and resources on this website is to:



  • Apply one thing that you’ve learnt
  • Change one thing you do currently – that’s not moving towards your goal – and swap it with something that you’ve read or learnt here
  • Teach someone what you’ve learnt about health and fitness. Teaching someone is a great way to remember things.


Finally, taking massive decisive action is a trait of successful individuals. As soon as you feel a tip or strategy resonate with you – go out and apply it straight away!

A big thank you in advance



Chris Everingham, B N&D.




What have I done?

Watch the YouTube video above, check out my About Chris Everingham page or even my portfolio. Maybe you want to hang out with me as I explore the world and meet some cool people. You could even #askevro.


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