Episode 80 – The Fastest Way To Destroy A Team


First off, I don’t like to write negative posts.


This is an article to help you build a better, stronger team by understanding what elements are the fastest way to destroy a team.


It’s important to touch on why teams fall apart because many people don’t understand why their teams aren’t effective. You want to know the fastest way to destroy a team?! I’d say the six quickest ways to destroy a team are:

  • Poor Leadership
  • Disruption to the flow of communication
  • Broken trust
  • Broken culture
  • Poor talent
  • Bad Apples.


Let’s go through them in more detail!


Poor Leadership

Stick in a poor leader and you’ll destroy a team quickly. Poor leadership leads to a broken team because of the following:

  • No belief in the vision
  • No belief in the person giving the vision
  • Poor ability to execute the vision
  • Poor communication of the vision
  • Poor selection of team members


Disrupt the flow of communication

Disrupted communication will fade a team quickly. Change these variables and you will clearly see how disruptive communication destroys a team:

  • Change the message multiple times
  • Make the message complex or difficult to understand
  • Change the emotional state of the communicator or the receiver
  • Make communication one way only – not give and take


Break trust

Break trust and your team will be destroyed. Without trust within and around the team, there is no team. Trust can be broken through:

  • Inconsistency
  • Displays of irregular or no progress
  • Not taking risks and
  • Hoarding rewards in selfish acts.



What is the fastest way to destroy a team? Educate yourself more and prevent it from happening in your team. Read on below.

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