Step 3: What do you need? - Chris Everingham

Step 3: What do you need?

They all laughed at me and told me I was crazy – until I started to make massive progress!

It was early 2006, I was finishing up with semi-professional rugby league and I wanted to work out what I’d channel my competitiveness into next!

After reading my bucketlist I realized wanted to be a bboy (or breakdancer for any lay people out there). It was a crazy thought to go from a contact team sport, into an individual creative “dance” (I’d say sport). It is the total opposite in many people’s minds.

I remember my friends having a laugh at me.

Nevertheless, I pressed on.

I spent long hours in the garage on my cheap vinyl flooring and collected many bruises, cuts and grazes along the way! It was a journey in itself.

Day after day, I’d watch videos of successful world class bboys and then compared them to my home videos of my practice sessions. I was miles behind them. Nevertheless, I persisted!

Eventually I emerged, a Bboy! Bboy Crooked Chris in fact! What a name! haha

Anyway, as a bboy I was able and still am able to perform insane stunts and moves to this day! Windmills, flares, swipes and some mad top rocks and footwork to boot! Not to mention a few good freezes!

If it wasn’t for my ability to gather what I needed, I never would have been on a number of prime time TV shows in Asia! I was even in a quasi-famous dance group “Cookies N Cream” that toured as well. How’s that?! haha.. I never would of thought my garage breakdancing would get me on TV let alone on tour!

But, how did I do it?

I worked out what I needed, got to work and persisted!

Activity 3:

Let’s see what you need to get started!

Answer the questions below to gather your resources before you begin!

After you’ve finished, I’ll see you in Step 4: How will you get there? where you’ll discover how to write the step-by-step procedures for achieving your transformation!

Key questions:

8. What do you need before you get started?
9. Who are your supporters?
10. How will you measure your progress toward your destination?
11. Does time matter on this journey?

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Step 4: How will you get there?
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