Step 2: Where are you going? - Chris Everingham

Step 2: Where are you going?

You want to know a secret?!

The secret to transformation is future pacing!

I was always fascinated with the mind! I can recall reading an old science book on dad’s bookshelf. I remember reading a passage that said something like this,

“The mind is the final frontier of mankind!”

Although politically incorrect now, I knew that statement was to be apart of my lifelong journey. To understand the mind of humankind!

In my studies of the mind, I discovered the topic of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). One of the key things of NLP is future pacing. It really is the secret to transformation!

Future pacing is basically projecting forward to your moment of arrival at your “destination” and living it right now in your mind’s eye. It allows you to connect to what you want to aspire to be – your goals, desires and dreams.

To future pace is to manifest a new possibility, a new way of being beyond what is currently happening in your life. AND the beauty of it is you can get there!

Would you like to try?

Great, let’s get into it!

Activity 2:

Now, I want you to write, describe and create as much detail as possible in this activity. This will allow you to vividly experience what you want to do, be and have so you can create momentum. You can only escape “here” and move “there” once you know where and what “there” is!

Does that make sense? I’m sure it does!


Answer these questions below in as much detail as possible. I want to you think about what it will look like and what it will feel like when you’re “there”. How will you sound and how will others respond to you in the future? This is your chance to create a new possible reality (we’ll devise a real plan in the next steps below).

After you complete these key questions I’ll speak to you in the next step – Step 3: What do you need? where we will discuss gathering resources!

Key questions:

4. Where would you like to go?
5. Why is this journey important to you?
6. What will you be able to do / be / have once you’re there?
7. What would happen if you continued doing what you’re doing now and didn’t make a change?

Step 1: What’s your story?
Step 3: What do you need?
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