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Who am I?

My name is Chris Everingham and I’ve always had the label of being the sporty, healthy guy.


It definitely wasn’t always this way.

I had some hard years battling my own critics and wrestling with the heavy pressure of expectation during my weight loss journey.

Luckily I bounced back from my injury, got the advice I needed and then worked hard to get back to my best through self development!

Now, I want you to experience the same success I did.

Who’s this for?

The 6 step transformation success course is designed for those who want to:

  • Make a start on their self development today.
  • Do something meaningful
  • Take action
  • Put in a fair effort to get maximum results!
  • Eliminate overwhelm and anxiety
  • Get organized
  • Build and contribute to a community of like-minded people

Who’s this NOT for?

  • Daydreamers – individuals who don’t want to put any effort in, a.k.a. lazy people.
  • Hipsters – those into fad diets and extreme exercise programs just because everyone else is doing it
  • Naggers and negatives – those who are hypercritical, jaded or cynical
  • Selfish people – those who don’t want to share or contribute to helping others
  • Overanalysers – who think too much and don’t act… you gotta take action!

What to expect

Here’s what to expect from the 6 step transformation success course

  • Easy to follow discussion through the 6 steps to transformation success
  • 22 simple and practical key questions to complete so you can be on your way!
  • Be armed with self development knowledge and awareness for your transformation journey
  • Some personal stories of mine that relate directly to how I have applied and learnt these steps in my own life with success!
  • Learn what steps you can take to move forward

Why did I make this 6 step transformation success course?

The 6 step transformation success course is my way of providing self development opportunities to as many people as possible. While it’s pretty much impossible to see everyone on the planet face-to-face and guide them on their health and fitness journey, this is probably the next best thing (I’m a bit of a practical optimist).

Here’s some other reasons why I made the 6 step transformation success course:

  • To experience the transformation of others without the stress of limited time.
  • To put an easy to follow 6 step self development process out there to get you started on your transformation.
  • To build a community of like-minded people around their transformation success!
  • To see many of the community grow and develop into coaches who can also help others transform.

Join this self development course for FREE today!

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch… I want to genuinely help you.
But, if this is too successful I might have to take it down

…and sell it instead!

Yeah, I might end up selling this course so, grab a copy while you can.

So, this is what will happen.

You’re about to get a free copy of my 6 Step Transformation Success Course.
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It’s that simple!
Can’t wait to hear about your success!

Join this self development course for FREE today!